Credit card info in DDO store beyond bizzare


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Currently on vacation I tried buying DDO points.
With paypal I get some unspecified error and cannot continue.
With credit card payment I got this bizarre scenario: Trying to enter my credit card info I get the error that the country does not manage my current country. No kidding, I am on vacation, but that does not change the fact that my credit card is Belgian (and not issued in the UK).
It got weirder from there: In my payment options I wanted to double check my current credit card info and made the mistake to try and edit it. Now it kept on refusing my credit card info with the same weird error (yes I am an idiot). I was able to convince it finally that my credit card was issued in the UK/Wales, with a postal code and town name from Belgium. ***?
In the store, however, not a chance to convince it to accept my credit card info or use paypal.


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I've the same issue, being retired US miliary, currently residing within Germany. My American CC (VISA) works fine for everything except online movies. Amazon (Germany) blocks my CC when it comes to renting movies, but will happily allow me to make other purchases with the same credit card. Strangely though Google doesn't and thus I purchase most of my videos from them. (Amazon crime, what a joke)


My theory is that the credit card origin is what's preventing you / me from making the purchases. Honestly this shouldn't really matter as the respective countries are getting their share of revenue (tax) from our purchases. However, often the seller doesn't want to deal with credit cards from "other" countries due to the restrictive nature of the EU. (UK used to be a member of the EU and still is likely using similar CC regulations)

Side note: People travel using CC's right, so why isn't this an issue?

While you'd think that I could just get another CC in Germany, you'd be wrong. I'm retired and draw my (only) income from a US based account. Finding meaningful employment in Germany as a Yank is nay impossible, so none of the local banks would likely give me an account / CC. Never mind the fact that I have an income, its just not a local one. (I see a bright future as a murder-hobo)

While I'm really pissed that this issue has now followed me to DDO, I'm optimistic that the support staff will figure something out. Least I beat feet, leaving behind an account with over 6300 + hours of play time. (Member since 2006) Beyond this, I can understand the reason(s) behind that CC restrictions, but it doesn't really dampen the sting when I'm facing the future possibility of my DDO account becoming Free-2-Play. Being a victim of circumstances and all, it would be nice to have a reach around once and a while ya know!

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Ok after much screwing around with everything (accounts, VISA, internet etc.) I was able to make a purchase with my CC by using a (pay-for) VPN. While that's great and all, it really sucks that the SSG is putting players into a situation where legally they should be able to make a transaction but are being blocked. All because of SSG's ham-handed attempts at complying with the EU's anti-fraud policies.

Now while I could sit here and blast SSG for such a poor implementation of the DDO store, truth is that Amazon does the same thing. Which only begs the question of how long till all online commerce is blocked for CC users residing in other countries?