Cursor issues


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I'm not sure if this is a bug or something on my end. Most of the time when I log in, I see both my triangle shaped cursor AND the o icon that appears if you use Mouse Look, even though Mouse Look is turned off.

When this happens I can still control my character as I expect according to the settings I have, but the two cursor icons persist, and the only way I can get it to go away is to relog the game and it is quite distracting, so I kind of have to do the relog. The o icon persists and the regular cursor constantly tries to move back to centre. Sometimes when I switch characters it occurs again, but it is way more often when I first boot the game up.

Any thoughts? Is it something I can fix myself or does it warrant a bug report?

Many thanks


Noticed this happening to me this morning as well. Wasn't happening for months, or even the past year or more, but suddenly since the past few days it's happening again. This is a bug/issue I've experienced on and off for years (seems to pop back up after a recent patch or change to the game engine or windows). It is quite annoying though, as this morning I've had to relog 4 times to fix the issue. It seems to occur after I alt-tab out of game and back in. Relog seems to be the only fix.