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"I don't wanna, You can't make me"



Scourge of Xaos
I have a better one for you. Sadly my photoshop/graphics skills are lower than my mario skills so someone will have to implement it but here goes.

Let's have all melee mobs run behind* the players then have all ranged/caster mobs run away* from players, then complain the players cause lag by autorunning straight ahead.

Then make spawn size exactly the size of a green alert so the one mob behind the wall causes green alert which causes the other spawns behind doors and walls to 'wake up' then try to solve that by making mobs totally inactive so they bug out because of lag and never activate making quests uncompletable or spawn directly inside the players when they enter their area because they entered from another side we didn't think of and then complain it's the old code that's at fault, not that we don't know what we are doing :p

* Mobs run to the first known location because of terrible programming. Simps will tell you they are programmed to 'strategically run behind you' which is simply false because if you stop when they first see you they run right to you, not behind you. Archers and casters run around like headless chicken doing the hokie pokie in random directions and often in direct contrast to the terrain.