Deconstructed Constructs

Deconstructed claims to reduce the fortification of constructs by 25%. The "Construct type" wiki says that constructs are "not subject to critical hits". The "Sneak attack" wiki states that "targets immune to critical hits (such as an undead, slime, construct, elemental, or anything with high Fortification) are also immune to Sneak Attack bonus damage." How do you subtract 25% from immunity? ERROR, ERROR, DOES NOT COMPUTE, incompatible variable type. What does deconstructed actually subtract 25% from?


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In the D&D rulebook on which DDO is based, constructs are immune to sneak attack. The devs implemented this immunity as 100% fortification.

At first this 100% was really an immunity. But over time, devs introduced ways to lower that 100% so they are no longer totally immune to sneak attacks.

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I've updated the pages on Sneak Attack and Fortification to make the definition of "immunity to critical hits" a bit clearer, as citizen127 is quite right in that while we explained how this worked on the pages for those monster types that had it, we didn't actually ever explain it on the pages related to the effects themselves.
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