Desire of Inheritance


DDOwiki Steward
As everyone should know, there's an item in DDO, Wish of Inheritance, that allows you to temporarily change the binding status of one equitable item from BtC to BtA until reequipped. What I'd love to see is a new item, Desire of Inheritance, that would only drop in raids and allow you to make an item from that raid transferable from another character on that account to whichever character earned it by completing the raid.

Let's say for instance you run The Chronoscope on your barbarian and pull a Scorched Bracers. You then run it on your Fire Savant Sorc and pull one of these tokens. You mail the token from your sorc to your barbarian, apply the desire to the bracers which become "reserved for" your fire savant sorc. You mail the item to your sorc and the sorc then equipts the item and it's BtC.

The drop rate for such an item doen't have to nor should be 100%. 10-20% should be more than adequate.

You could take this idea one step further and say if people ground out a full stack of say 100 of them, they could be converted into a Wish of Inheritance. It would greatly incourage gameplay, diverse character play in raids, and grouping.