DINO Crafting question

Col Kurtz

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Curious if I can slot any of the accessories in my dino ring?
>the Ring says 'claw' & 'accessory' ; so, I assume it means only a claw accessory...but you never know, can't hurt to ask
...i'd love to put the scale accessory in the ring/but, i dont think that'll work?

Also... the 3 spell crit damage bonus' (if i make work on a 5 slot item)
>Enhancement, insight, Quality
...It looks like none of there are the same type as any of the epic spell feats? so, I assume these 3 are easy stats to stack with an existing build?
...most things seem to have 'exceptional' and 'artifact' , makes these 3 dino crafted bonus' pretty simple to add in, from what I am seeing.

rather ask than waste materials/Thank You ;)

Col Kurtz

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also curious if I can make a dino weapon , slot it up and use it offhand?

my sentient wand must be mainhand (i guess thats a sentient slotted rule?) but, im thinking I can add some premium bonus' with> dino, if it can go in my offhand without a sentience gem slotted (just casting lol w/ it, no melee)

why there is no dino crafted wand ? guess it does not matter ...just make a dagger for off hand, I guess?

Col Kurtz

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1>Iridiscent Fang> 5% exceptional bonus to spell critical chance when in a staff
???I assume this is this the same bonus as my armor +5% exceptional bonus to universal spell lore...
(both say exceptional but possibly apply in a different manner?)
...if those won't stack ,I can just make an offhand dino thingy, and keep my current sceptre with 7 filigree slots already built out. ;)

2>???also, I see some builds suggesting Flamefang for one of the weapon slots on a spellcasting staff...just wanna dbl check with players who actually used/using some Dino crafted spell implements to see if the most effective debuff in their opinions???

3> shadowfang and brightfang >do these work on bosses???

4> the Set augments- can we slot them into different sets and have both set bonus' from those items?
...would like to keep something like a feywild dreamer set, ...or beacon of magic set, and slot those 3 with dread set augments, with 2 dread accessories needed to complete the set/ theoretically ? (it woul dtake a godly amount of black pearls...but you can farm like 50 a week- would only take like 6 weeks of more farming :) ) ...then i'd have profane/artifact/exceptional bonus' !
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