Disconnection issues


New member
I've been suffering from a lot of DC issues. The game will pause, then after 30 seconds or so the yellow connection icon will appear. Another 30 seconds it turns red, and then another 30 seconds I lose connection. This happens at minimum once an hour, but occasionally will occur within 5 minutes of the last DC.

I do run on wireless internet as there is no way for me to get a cable to my computer. Internet speeds are typically around 150 mbps, latency in-game hovers around 88-92ms. When I lose connection my internet still works fine, I'm able to browse and stream with no issues.

I've tried adding DDO to my antivirus exceptions, put it in compatibility mode, and though I installed through Steam I run it directly through the launcher.

Any other ideas what might be going on/what I can do to improve things?