Downtime Notice: Friday, August 18th 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM Eastern (-4 GMT)


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I will be honest, it is a customer service no brainer. If you aren't able to meet a deadline, let the customer know before you fail to meet the deadline.
Now, to their credit, SSG is generally up before their deadlines, but this was a simply avoided fail.
Actually in all honesty, I'm surprised the game was up as fast as it was... and with less bugs than normal, but hey.. can't win em all


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Just asking: is the scheduled downtime ok for everyone in the USA? GMT -4 means also peak time in Europe (3 PM it's 9 PM CEST). Just asking, maybe planning it a couple of hours earlier is something to consider.


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I just hope that it fixes Kensai Weapon focus line working for my shuriken (Just realized last night that it wasn't adding anything and I haven't verified with anyone else to make sure that its not just me, so no bug report yet).
Then there are the "ghost" images with all thrown weapons. What's been happening for the last month+ is a ghost missile is left hanging out in space for 5 seconds or so and auto target will frequently target the ghost image. This really needs to be fixed.


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Le overdramatic sigh, RIP spending my day off leveling my archmage. If your spending all this time fixing stuff can i once again request the archmage SLAs get a buff? <3.
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The game worlds have reopened. The DDO Store remains unavailable for now, and we'll let you know when the Store is once again available.


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What happened with guild levels?
After guild level 150, the process decay occurs but at level 200 it stops. This update most likely did something to decay and caused guilds to erroneously lower in levels and turned on the process of decay for guild level 200.
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