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Jack Jarvis Esquire

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It's because I'd already opened the reward lists. 👍

I should have left them be but I'm a nosey git! 😳😂

No biggie. I'll take some other rewards and rerun them. it's not like I desperately need more cards anyway. My gear is cursed up the wazoo and I've no cleanser anyway. 😁👍

Anyway, shouldn't be anything for anyone else to worry about generally in terms of getting your cards folks, so crack on! 😃👍


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Hearing about a bunch of people having issues with the game update moving like a snail or not at all. Not sure if the update server is having a fit or not.


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It might be the only card that matters to you, but I don’t have all of my gear cursed, so I’m very pleased that curses are so much more available for the next month.
what i am saying here is getting the cards to make a deck is not hard at all, But the cleansing card is too rare of a drop


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Are the new extreme challenge quests supposed to be available on HC? Because right now, it showing the invasion event text and requirements to unlock them.



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They were not hard to get before this last update. Now they are even easier to get. All but the cleansing card
They were obviously not hard for you to get.

Please know that not everyone can get through all the same content easily that you can.

If you don’t like the saga card rewards, feel free to continue to take the XP or guild renown.