Dragon Horde unfound locations


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The f2p theory and the every 3 levels aren't valid as the unicorn optional area in immortality lessons had one.

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March 2006
Updated the first post with:
2ndImmortality Lessons6(Optional) Look for the Curious Door/(Optional) Speak to Scath the Vorpal

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March 2006
Well I am glad I stopped leveling. I would have missed the Immortality Lessons one. I guess it is just a waiting game now as who knows where the other three are, if in level 6 or below quests, a lot of folks are too high to get them now.


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The quest Black and Blue, gentlemen. Fits nicely into that level 10 slot. Got dragons, kobolds, lightning, the whole nine yards. There is a secret optional chest below the lightning... maybe? Someone go check hehe.

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March 2006
I just confirmed that you can get the Immortality lessons piece on casual without fighting anything. Just walk in, talk to the owl, wait for the door, talk to the unicorn, loot the chest.
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Can anyone confirm that Invitation to dinner Strahd optional drops chest?

There's sufficient number of reports with varying amounts of detail across the discords coming in for me to accept it. Origins appear to be a notification on KozyBean's stream from Bloodspirit who was in the group.

Though more confirmation is always desired. :)


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None of the Partycrashers chests are dragon hoard chests, not even the post-finish Inkrakos optional.