Dual Wielding Sentient Weapons


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So can you dual wield two sentient weapons ... i.e. on main and offhand have a weapon fitted with a sentient jewel

Then assuming you have a 4 slot minor artifact does that mean you could have 24 Filigrees in play?


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SSG appears to be following the rule on intelligent items avoiding the ego Delima caused by using more than one at a time where it concerns weapons. They do this by restricting Sentient Weapons to the main hand.

However, you can have multiple Sentient weapons, you just can't use them at the same time.


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I keep expecting there to be a WILL save to avoid being dominated by your own sentient weapon, scaled up by SXP.
Grab an intelligent weapon in each hand, and they'll start cussing each other out at full volume even if you've turned off their voices with the option.
Every tick, you gotta make a Will save, and if you fail, the weapons take over your body like you've been charmed, and you lose control!
And the weapon that loses the foul-mouthed argument gets dropped.

It would've been funny if it worked like this.
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