Easily Distracted Raiding on Mondays and Fridays @7pm EST - All Welcome

Sarlona Raiding

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The "Easily Distracted" gaming community will be hosting casual-friendly Raids on Fridays at 9pm EST:

Legendary Vision of Destruction, Legendary Killing Time, Legendary Lord of Blades, Legendary Master Artificer, Hunt or Be Hunted and if there is sufficient interest - Fire Over Morgrave.

Unfortunately I am unable to edit the title right now to reflect the change in day and time.

As there have been many new and returning players on Sarlona since the coupon code was reintroduced, we are running these on Legendary Normal for now to give people a chance to learn these raids on an easier mode. We are also limiting the raids to content included in the coupon so people don't have to drop out, etc.

Easily Distracted isn't a guild, it's a community. All players are welcome to join raids regardless of guild, experience level, etc. If you would like to learn a specific raiding role please let us know and we will be happy to help you.

Our discord raiding voice channels are limited to twelve people so the first 12 to join the room are included in the raid. If the room is full please join the Raid Lobby and we will see if we have enough for two groups.

If you aren't part of our discord please send me a private message and I will send you an invite link. If you aren't comfortable talking, you can just listen in.

None of the Monday raids require flagging, but on Friday Legendary Shroud, Old Baba's Hut (just one quest) and Defiler of the Just require flagging. If you need help flagging please post that in our flagging assistance channel and we will reach out to you.

If you have any questions feel free to post those here or send a PM. All the best and happy raiding!
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Sarlona Raiding

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Thanks to all that came out and joined the raids - it went very well! We had several players new to raiding and everyone did an outstanding job executing their roles!

Based on feedback we are moving raids to 9pm EST and only on Friday starting this Friday. I know people want to move the difficulty up to LH , but we are going to continue with LN for a few weeks so the folks new to raiding can get comfortable with these raids. Even on LN we had some deaths and it's not fun waiting out a death timer when you are trying to learn the raid. On LN we can raise people immediately so they can participate more.

I really want to thank the experienced raiders that came out and were willing to run on LN for the benefit of the newer raiders!
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