elemental weapon damage and spell power


it has been my understanding that spell power does not affect a weapons inherent elemental damage. e.g., a longsword 1d6 fire damage. even with +100 combustion, the weapon still hits for 1d6 fire damage. (imbue is a different animal and im not talking about that)
so can someone explain this weapon to me, please?

some weapons in this game really confuse me... this is definitely one of them... is it a caster item or a melee item?? [sarcasm] or perhaps its for the super popular dwarven EK build [/sarcasm] ... or maybe its only a halfway decent item for both caster and melee?

unless.... the Impulse attributes actually contribute/apply additional force damage via the Force Blast 6 attribute....

can anyone clarify this? (especially if the impulse part of the weapon makes it hit for more force damage)



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There's a bunch of EK (and other caster melee setups) out there and weapons like that can be quite nice for some of them. The force blast isn't effected by it, but an EK's Eldritch Strike https://ddowiki.com/page/Eldritch_Strike would be. Or you might have an aura lock who wants force spell power, etc. You'll see a lot of melee weapons with acid, fire, etc. too to appeal to these Gish playstyles.


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IMHO, the Hunter weapons are intended for imbue builds or EK, both of which want a nice weapon and spell power. I would hope the devs know the game well enough to know procs are pointless favor/fluff that don't scale.


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Hunter's axe is a great bit of kit for an artificer - insightful & quality impulse can be harder to fit into the gear tetris & will contribute very nicely to damage from certain runearms & spells including arcane pulse; my own arty runs in magus so being able to pump extra power into a 7-stack of that is great on bosses.