Elf enhancement binding shadows

There is very little information on this online, I've never used it. Has anyone used it? Can you comment please? Specifically does it have a save? Thanks.

Icon Enhancement Binding Shadows.png Binding Shadows: Greater Dragonmark Spell: Dark shadows wrap around an enemy, slowing it and draining its life force, applying 2d4 negative levels.
AP Cost: 1Ranks: 1Progression: 15Requires: Greater Dragonmark of Shadow

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I think I used it a long time ago once and never again because it used one of my uses of the greater dragonmark—which I was using for Displacement.
Excellent point.

The racial enhancement trees' Tier 4 Dragonmark SLAs ("Hands of Stone" for Dwarves, "Binding Shadows" for Elves, "Power of the Storm" for Half-Elves) could certainly use being decoupled from using up your Greater Dragonmarks, which you are almost always better off consuming through the Tier 3 Dragonmark Spells (Radiant Forcefield, Displacement, Call Lightning Storm respectively).
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If I remember correctly, it doesn't have a save. Enervation and energy drain spells don't have it either.

These types of spells are useful to lower the save vs the next spell you are going to cast a couple of points, although in today's fast pace game this is an increasingly less used strategy. Otherwise they don't matter anymore, enemies recover the lost levels super fast (and many, including bosses, are immune).