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Still very new to all this - so here goes...

Enhancements - a guide how to uses them please - I have 25 action points - is that a lot or do I need hundreds ?

I am on level 7 (Barbarian)


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Every level you earn 4 Action Points you can spend among your Enhancement trees. So as you earn more exp and level up you have access to more AP.

1 level=4 ranks 1 rank= 1 AP

lvl 1 - 4 AP
lvl 2 - 8AP
lvl 3 - 12 AP

At rank 95 (max heroic exp achieved) you can have 80 Action Points.

There are extra Action Point Tomes you can add +2 Universal AP with.

You spend your points as you wish.


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You get 4 per level, so 80 by the time you hit 20. Then you get destiny points for what is basically epic enhancement trees.

The best way to use enhancements is to figure out (usually before you make a character lol) what your main tree is going to be. For barbarian I usually go all in on frenzied berserker because it's the big DPS. You usually don't want to spend every point unlocking EVERYthing in the tree, but rather work from the top down. You need 5 points to unlock tier 2, 10 for tier 3, 20 for tier 4, and 30 for tier 5.

Sometimes there's a lot of good stuff in each tier, but higher stuff is usually better. So once you spend your 5 pts in the tree (including cores, check the next tier to see if that's better stuff and spend appropriately.

Resetting trees costs a little plat and, as long as you don't reset multiple times a day, is relatively cheap. I usually spend recklessly up until tier 4 or 5, then just reset. Tier 5s also require you to be lv 12 so don't need to worry about them yet. You can also splash into one of the other trees for some low hanging fruit if anything's good, then reset later once you can get something good in FB. Ravager looks like it has some okay-ish stuff in tier 1-2.

Most of the time, by the time I'm 20, I have ~41-45pts spent in my main tree (if you took all 20 levels in a class, the final core requires 40pts spent in the tree), and then depending on my class/build, another 1-3 trees with various amounts of AP spent.

I think my most crazily skewed build was an int-based quarterstaff assassin. It was a super weird build that didn't work great lol. I had half my points in assassin, 11 in inquis for auto-search, ~7 in feydark for perma shield, a ton in harper for int to hit/damage. Like I said, big mess. For a pure/simple build it's easier.


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I think what the OP would need is to be told, at least for this life, the enhancements on which to spend his points.

I would do it, but barbarian is a class that I haven't played in a long time. Can someone who plays a barbarian take a screenshot of his enhancements?


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I'm not much of a barbarian player as well, so I can't really give you much in advice other than definitely assign points to enhancements ASAP!
They will help make you a more efficient killing machine.

Read up on the Barbarian class here: https://ddowiki.com/page/Barbarian
Take your time looking @ the prestige enhancements linked on that page. You can always reset the enhancements for some platinum if you want to try something else out. Depending on your race, you may want to throw some points into race enhancements (half-orc is a shoe-in for barbarian class & has a lock bash ability which is nice).


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Let's see, Level 7 Barbarian with 25 points I would split up as:
Are you running cleave feat(s)? If no cleave feats I would go with

Ravager 4 AP
Core 1: Furious Rage
T1: Hardy Rage x3 (Extend Barbarian Rage Duration)

Occult Slayer 4 AP
Core 1: Weapon Bond
T1: Extend Rage x3 (because your rage duration is shorter at low level)

Frenzied Berserker 16 AP
Core 1: Die Hard
Core 2: Frenzied Toughness
Core 3: Frenzy (more melee power, smash every 30s for +2 strength for even more damage)

T1: Cracking Attack x1 (Get in the habit of smashing on cooldown because it gives you damage bonuses when you fully upgrade the tree)
T1: Power Rage x3 (More Damage)
T1: Extra Rage x1

T2: Blood Tribute x3 (Smash for Temp HP to stay alive)

T3: Blood Trail x3 (Makes Supreme Cleave free)
T3: Supreme Cleave x3 (this is your cleave, spam to your heart's content)

As you level:
pick up the ability points for Constitution (more hp, fortitude save, and rage duration) and upgrade cracking attack, body blow, and crazy strike to get 3x in each

If you want to go run faster, the sprint boost is great.

If you have access to Vistani Knife Fighter, the haste boost available in that tree is hands down the best action boost for a melee and barbarian does not get access to haste boost otherwise.

If you are using a two-handed weapon and are taking two handed fighting feat chain, the angry arms -> mad munitions will give you more strikethrough. (for every 100% strikethrough you hit an extra enemy with your auto attacks/certain active attacks. For example, 150 strikethrough would guarantee hitting 2 enemies with a 50% chance of hitting a third.)

If you are using the Power Attack feat, you might consider the t1 ravager enhancement that adds more damage to that.

If you want more survivability, Occult Slayer Core 2 and 3, T1 Parrying Bond, and T2 Guarding Bond are solid picks.