Epic Reincarnating - Does anyone take advantage of the respend?


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So I just ER'd for my first time, and I did not realize that the process involved respending from levels 1-20. It was a bit tedious, and so now I'm wondering if anyone actually takes advantage of the respend to fix any decisions they made while they were leveling from 1-20, or if they just immediately TR'd to get a Heroic Past Life.


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People have been mentioning for years, for a "re-select my previous choices" option after an ER. For a game that strives to invent more ways
to cram store-funding-TR's and powercreep into our lives, they really should have streamlined the process.


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It would be great if, as you went through the levelling process for 1-20 again it showed you images from when you originally did the levels a bit like Facebook - NPC's you talked to ignored, quests you did, deaths you had.