Error purchasing expansion


Anyone else getting this problem, when i go to buy expansion it move me to Error screen and i get this:

We’re sorry, your purchase cannot be completed. Possible reasons for this may be:

  • You have previously purchased the item.
  • This purchase cannot be applied to your subscription(s).
  • Offer is no longer available for purchase at this time.
  • We are currently experiencing technical difficulties.
  • We are currently performing maintenance.


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I went into Payment Options and discovered that my saved credit card had a couple of unexpectedly blank fields. Editing the card threw an error message, so I just deleted the card and re-added it. After that, I could purchase the expansion.

Hope that helps anyone else having the same issue.

GrayJedi AntiProPaladin

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I had this issue before for Saltmarsh .... I was able to get around by using either Incognito or Private browser session or using a completely different browser never logged into DDO website before.... might be something to do with previous sessions or saved cookies, or try clearing your cookies and all that shtuff


I couldn't go with purchase with my card but once i deleted all payment options it let me go to paypal purchase so that's only way it worked for me. So if you guys got paypal you can just go to my account delete all saved cards, once non of them are in that tab you will be put on screen where it offer you a card or paypal payment, if you go for card payment it won't finish so only solution is go for paypal.