esoteric table? FoM raid gear


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Two parts:
1. You can strip taint of evil now correct? Not sure which table does that.

2. What is "leashed power"?

It isn't on ddowiki, and though I have enough mats to tier 2 upgrade my sword, I absolutely do not want to upgrade it at all unless I understand what is going on. It looks like

Added: Leashed Power (Tier 2),
Warp Souls (-1 Will, AC, Fortification, stacks 10 times)

means that Leashed Power is added (unknown what this is), and separately Warp Souls is added.

But then in the Tier 2 proper section for example:

Removed: Unleashed Inferno & Unleashed Resistance

Leashed != unleashed. So what is going on here?!

I would like Warp Souls and the Unleashed Inferno (110 dc knockdown, big fire damage) on my sword. Or (something on my shield).

But the words here in the wiki are inconsistent and I am afraid of upgrading something and breaking my awesome sword and shield.

Well, and --

3. Wiki says " Note: Dev comments indicate the Esoteric Table is also intended to work with certain shields. "

I for sure would like to upgrade my shield, possibly before my sword. It is a LOT of dust and scraps though. I can do a t2 upgrade to one, or the other. or t1 to both.

Is there a better resource for esoteric table crafting than ddowiki?