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Thinking something like 41 EK 21 PM 8 vistani 8 harper (KTA) 16~ racial tree, strength based rager using draconic tree to cast while raging.
Some random splatter feedback incoming ..

If you're going Vampire and KTA, be INT based for maximum synergy. IIRC, handwraps are about 400/m on attack rate (maximized, not hasted). Regular TWF is only 365/m. Wraps are very well suited to an imbue based build.

I used to play Handaxe with Swash and EK for a 15x4 profile, orb or buckler OH, swap to orb for aura heals. Ends up pretty strong.. It would be stronger today post-imbue. It can easily blow through R4. The problem I had with it was the same as for all builds that rely on self-heals for mitigation: it does quite poorly as you increase skulls past R4.

If you're looking for a vampire self-heal feel, you'll get better mileage out scion of shadowfell (PM's vamp-form heals are pathetic).

INQ+PM is my go-to for HC; once you hit level 15, you're basically immortal in elite/r1. I used to AKF in a pack of critters to heal up.

IMHO, your idea for razor claw would probably work quite well. I doubt it will be an end-game DPS monster, but it should be plenty strong enough to solo R4 and be lots of fun. Besides, true Vampires "should" use their hands and revel in their power over tasty mortals, not weapons.