Friendly's holy toaster str based warforged es melee/burster pure warlock


Hey this is my first build I'm posting but I had a lot of fun lvling it and making it so wanted to share it. This is a hybrid melee caster warlock build the idea is to use the no save portion of the aura as well as Machrotechnics lightning hammer to do good consistent aoe spell dmg without needing any dcs. These no save spells are able to trigger many useful item and enhancement effects to great ability particularly due to you also having many strong warlock debuffs that lower monsters saves and other defenses. Warlocks also have access to many strong defensive abilities like stanch, shining through and displacement which this build also takes advantage of in order to survive in melee range this is important because due to not needing to care about dcs it allows you to be completely melee focused aside for spell power and spell critical. This build takes advantage of vkf for respectable single target dagger dmg it is also a strength and con focused build being able to easily scale physical offense and defense off of these stats. This build also gets access to the light spell power imbue which triggers on your aura your melee attacks and scale some other effects. Lastly this is a warforged character for more con and access to amazing self healing through the machrotechnic tree

Debuffing: -51 mrr (taint the aura, 4 pc shatter device, KotCC, ash) -30 prr (taint the aura, 4 pc shatter devic, KotCC) -7 all saves (aura of menace, prayer) -4 fort saves (taint the blood)

Defense: Great saves high con (64 without filigrees) 150+ prr 140 mrr cap (5pc nyustul, mithral body) lots of temp hp ( stanch, shining through, c3 DI) 15% incorp 50% concealment 9% dodge holy aura prayer

Spell casting Dmg: Light 650 sp 42% sc 75% scd Electric 620 sp 52% sc 35% scd repair 550 sp 43% sc 35% scd acid 530 sp 52% sc 35% scd

melee stats: good strength (62 no filigree not in reaper also perfect swf) good double strike (vkf) okay fort bypass (weakpoint) high attack speed (haste boost, haste, swf) bless prayer

spellcasting/melee/aura procs: Meltfang, Sparkfang, flamehorn, sound and silence(dc 90 silence) (melee aura and spells) Magma (swap in demon engine for single target), light imbue (22 imbue dice)(melee and aura) double rainbow, stay good(25% chance to blind)(light dmg scales off every 7 imbue and light sp),prism (spells and aura) daunting roar (25% chance to paralyze)(aura only)

helpless dmg: +30% (sense weakness 3pc perfect sora kell)

Repair amp: 115

Starting stats hybrid builds are tricky and although not required it is recommended to be at least a 36 point build and have a +3 dex tome for easy precision as fort bypass is a weakness of this build.

alignment: lawful neutral
Class: Warlock 20
race: Warforged
Pact: celestial
Str: 18- all level ups
con: 20
dex: 10
int: 10
wis: 6
cha: 6
3 Maximize
6 Precision
12 Improved crit piercing
18 quicken
21 Overwhelming crit
24 Epic eldritch blast
25 Crush Weakness
27 Wellspring of Power
28 Arcane warrior
30 Mithral body + Scion of celestia
31 Embodiment of Law

Enhancement split: 4 WF(if racial points available reduces healing penalty pre epics and post epics +40 Ramp) 7 SE( Taint the aura) 11 TS (stanch utterdark) 21 VKF (c4 +1 str) 41 ES (capstone imbue +2 con shining through aura buffs)

Epic Destiny split (65 dp required): 12 SC (prism, +3 saves, stay good, double rainbow)(if you have all the EPLS or lvl 34 comes out fey form and track could be sick with this) 22 DI (enhanced wellspring, c3,+3 imbue, no fail con, universal and electric sp) 31 Machro (crit multi, rune arm use, +3 imbue, doublestrike, c4, no fail reflex, lightning hammer, no ASF, spell power, unbreakable forcefield)

Gear (do be expensive but is cool I think. have everything but attuned dagger and Demon Engine so with a little grinding doable):
Hat: University champions helm (set DID for all artifact melee stats)
armor: University Bulwark Docent
Cloak: Page Regaelia: Blasphemers manuscript
Neck: Elders focus
Trinket: GOMF(Set elders, crafted stats: Radiance, Radiance Lore, Insightful Radiance)
Eyes: Black eyes of the earth (free slot just recommendation)
Gloves: Maenyas Iron gloves
Ring 1: Katras Razor wit
Ring 2: Katras Razor Wit (just for set +3 imbue +15% helplessness +artifact general stats)
Wrist: Bronzed Bracers (+20% light SCD in scale slot)
belt: Dinosaur Bone Belt (+15 con, +60 ramp, +5% light SCD, Enhanced Ghostly)
Boots: Osfields lightning Boots (available via runes)
Rune Arm: Dinosaur Bone Rune Arm ( adamantine, 5% universal SC, 2 SAD, MeltFang) Demon Engine ( Swap in don't have yet so haven't tested but heard Magma procs on aura so would help the relative weakness of single target dmg while soloing in group doesn't matter due to debuffs)
Dagger: Attuned bone dagger (cold iron, sparkfang, +2 con or str, flamehorn) Keeper of the Crimson Covenant (swap in for raids to increase debuffs great alternative while grinding for bones)

Notable Augments:
Essence of Pomuras Momento
Legendary implement acid (toee)
Either Essence of the spear of mournlands for hamp debuffs or Deconstructor for more material bypass and fort bypass debuff stacking
+2 festive con
+2 festive str
+1 imbue ( hunt raid )
+5 insightful Str
+12 reflex
+3 action boost
+15% doublestrike
Crystalized tea (dont have but looks good)
other cool things u guys got

Filigree: (Dont have all sentient xp recquired yet but planned) the rares will generally help your prr and mrr so if have low of either worth the grind
Artifact: Electrocution/Nystuls (Threads), Grandfathers Shield/Snake bite (threads), Shatter device (armor piercing) Snowpeaks (+1 imbue)
Weapon: Shatter Device/bravery throughout (threads), Shatter device (armor piercing), Shatter device (Str), Grandfathers Shield/Snake Bite (threads), Snake Bite (con), Electrocution (con) Electrocution/Nystuls (threads) the rest 3 Nystuls for 5 piece

First build ive posted so lmk if yall got questions can comfortably solo r4 at cap (no attuned dagger or any filigree and missing one or two augments) with how strong mending burst is the boss might take some time tho great debuffs and buffs for groups and just cool feel to be doing stuff well as a hybrid


Epic destinies

Some thoughts and clarifications
being able to trade cha to hit and dmg from feydark for taint the aura really helps with getting all your melee stats as you stay strength based and get a great single target debuff for you and especially in groups.
Can take dragonbreath as well as mending burst for more spell dmg however I recommend against it as lightning hammer does most of what dragonbreath does without a save and doesn't affect mending burst cooldown
extra universal points spent in VKF for +5% doublestrike or +20 melee power if a third one comes out could be possible to scrap stanch and get cha to hit and dmg+taint the aura + utterdark blast and + es capstone


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[soapbox]Warlocks are so good at debuffing if they choose to do it.

Players, PLEASE debuff if you are going into a raid. If you’re already doing reaper raids, then you have your debuffing figured out already but there are so many PUG raids that I’ve joined that don’t debuff at all and it’s so sad now that I know the power of debuffing. Even a bad DPS PUG turns into a smooth run if someone busts out all 4 Dino debuffers. It isn’t that much to make a couple of debuffing weapons. You only have to swap to them

If you’re a Warlock or an Alchemist, you’ll debuff better than most, but anyone (except maybe the tank and the hjealer) can debuff and make a huge difference. [/soapbox]