Anyone know a gift card that works with DDO?

I got a Vanillagift card as a gift and thought I would treat myself to an expansion but the DDO store does not like VanillaGift cards. X-mass and birthday coming soon so want to ask for the right type since I have several expansions to still get.


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It would be great if they could figure out a way to be able to allow gifting but I get the impression that is a combination issue with the store and two factor authentication.


VanillaGift is a Visa gift card. Our walmart carry’s them, was surprised it didn’t work. I even tried to load it to PayPal and they do not like PayPal. Said the issuing bank declined me adding it. So far the gift card makes a nice coaster.


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.SSG has not done gift cards in years. Not since Turbine owned the game at any rate. Which given how small this game is compared to larger games. SSG is missing a sure bet.
Where exactly in the process is the error(?) occurring? Also what message is it giving you? I've seen where some people are having issues with standard credit cards and debit cards as well. Usually these are missing the zip code of the owner attached to the card. I'd suggest you look at their solutions too ( until SSG responds. Be sure to flag this on the SSG help page as well then pass the ticket number on to Cordovan.

I reviewed the Vanilla card FAQ page ( and the only thing that I can add is to check out the section 'How do I use my Vanilla Gift Card to shop online?'.

Also, as an aside, around Black Friday to Cyber Monday (Nov24-Nov27 this year) The Market expansions go on sale with deep discounts. I'd consider waiting on a purchase until then.
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Checkout. It let me add to account fine. Do not remember the exact wording of error, just it did not go through and asked if I wanted to try again. Tried 5x different occasion, some days apart. I had gone to VanillaGift too, even made an account.

After one last try, gave up on DDO, used card just fine on DnDBeyond and Roll20, for my Saturday game night. Gifted a book on Roll20, was happy I could do that. Been great group.

I guess I will look for PayPal gift cards. That should work ether way. Just need to find somewhere that sells them so I know where to send people. I alway get 3+ gift cards every year, would rather request they get me certain type that get stuck with fast food cards I will never use.

Thanks for info about sale, will wait till then.