Glamered Armor Creation

Col Kurtz

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?is there an existing thread with pictures of the non ddo store types??? idk..maybe some these are in the store too?
these don't seem to be in the ddo wiki

drow weapon masters battleplate
garb of high forest
scoundrel's leathers(sounds like the crystal cove leather?)
phoenix robe (prob same as regalia of phoenix?)
robe of winter ice
ninja outfit(i think there's an epic armor in demonweb that has this visual already?)
ragged rags( i think we all know what this looks like:))
crimson crest of wave
verdant crest of wave
crimson cloak of wave
verdant cloak of wave

*These are the ones we can make with glamered dust
*if there's not an exising thread for these already...please post your pics here:)