GothicBites, DDO's First Magical UI

GothicBites, DDO's First Magical UI by me!

This UI Set has been in design for quite a bit of time, and I'm happy to announce that version 1.0 is ready for release. While there are still many things to do, I will most likely not get to them. But this will be the largest skin the community as ever seen. Will include 100's of new elements and many that technically do not work, it will include corrections to many of the core under the hood images used by the product, as well as introducing some that users didn't think could be changed. Kid you not, this is a entirely new Experience of DDO play. BE WARNED DUN DUN DUN!

Including new changes for update 59 as well.
These are separate downloads that can extracted to replace the related files once the main UI Skin is setup.

More Info:


1. Core Skin - Download this 1st and install
* GothicBites ( 1.1 Update 49 ) - A DDO UI

2. Update Skin - Download, then extract and replace
* GothicBites ( 1.2 Update 59 ) - A DDO UI

3. Addon Files - Mix of different selection icons to choose from

4. Addon Files - Update to Make the RuinArm minimalistic and less visual impactful
* GothicBites ( 1.2 Update 59 - Minimal RuneArms ) - A DDO UI
5. Addon Files - Update to add the Tumble Ul images/folder
6. Addon Files - Update to add the Grouping Window ( LFM Panel )
* GothicBites ( 1.2 Update 59 - Grouping Window ) - A DDO UI
After downloading #3, #4 or #5, you might have/will require to run the SkinDefinitionGenerator ( 3.0 ).vbs again. For those using Windows 11, you might now have VBS support off pre-installed. You will need to follow a guide on how to enable that feature. I might switch this over to an .exe in future, but want to avoid possible virus flags.

Google: Install VBScript Feature in Windows 11

Legacy Post - Link to the original Post on the Old Forums. I'm not sure how long this will remain.
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Hiiiii, Update to include new tumble UI see #5 above. I have also included the Grouping LFM Panel update, see #6 above. Updated the readme.txt instructions in each file as well. I will add a version 3 release so things aren't so scattered, but do your best, I believe in you! 🎉




Minimalist, can be used with any GothicBites skin. Has transparency.
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