Hardcore 8 Dragon Hoard Super Thread and FAQ


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Heroic only base 6's (and devil assault) checked with no gold chests found. 6's with epic/leg versions not checked.
Hey all. Those of you that know me know that I love discovering secrets and trying to figure out the puzzles. So of course I'm having a blast with HC 8.

What's Going On?
One of Hardcore 8's twists is a scavanger hunt! Scattered throughout the game are at golden chests that contain missing pieces of the hoard for Zazerbaxk, The Not Yet Terrible. A kobold that is looking to become a real dragon! (maybe, cause you know... kobolds). You'll know you found one if the chest is completely gold.

The hardcore vendor was to be giving us hints and what not, but is currently offline until the next update so we're searching blind!

A handy Strimtom video explaining HC 8 mechanics

How Many Have We Found and Where Are They?

PieceQuestLevelChest Notes
1Sacrifices1(Optional) Put to rest the skeletal mage
2Immortality Lessons6
(Optional) Look for the Curious Door/(Optional) Speak to Scath the Vorpal
3The Pit7(Optional) Slay Avatar of Juiblex
4Into the Deep9(Optional) Venture to the pit and destroy the Demon
5Invitation to Dinner10
(Optional) Engage Strahd again (aka, Death Card)
*Legendary Requires confirmation
6The Chamber of Raiyum12
(Optional) Find a way into the treasure chamber
7Mired in Kobolds13(Optional) Face Sinvala
8Madstone Crater
Return to Madstone Crater
Madstone Enchanter beyond locked door.
9Servants of the Overlord16*
*Heroic requires confirmation
Disrupt the Drow ritual
10Desecrated Temple of Vol
Epic Desecrated Temple of Vol
**No chest on heroic
(Optional) Defeat the Inevitables of Dolurrh
11Search and Rescue15*
*Heroic requires confirmation
(Optional) Drow Outpost: Slay the High Priestess
12Roll Call16
(Optional) Defeat Soot (Magma Brute)

How Many Do We Need?
At least 7 as that is what the kobold said he needed. A current theory is that there are more that will aide us in unlocking the additional rewards Corodovan didn't reveal during the Friday's At Four Livestream.

Are Any of Them Duplicates?
Not yet anyway. So far each has had a unique icon.

What Difficulty Can These be Found On?
There appears to be a difference between Heroic and Non-Heroic versions of the chests. I've updated the chart to indicate the differences.

Gold chests can be found with a 100% drop rate of a hoard item on Normal or higher. Casual does not have a 100% drop rate, but will have the gold chest.

What If I'm too High Level to Do These Quests?
The hoard items are exclusive, so you'll either need to True Reincarnate or start a new character to collect them. If there is a mechanic to visit quests that you've passed, its currently undiscovered.

Are there any in Wilderness/Adventure Areas or Challenges?
So far no, but to my knowledge no one has checked 100% yet. If you have, let us know! However, the current theory is they're only in 'every time' type of optional.

What is the latest hint/clue to finding them?
The prevailing theory at the moment is iconic optionals will contain the chests. But that's just a theory, A GAME THEORY! In reality, to be sure we need to check every chest. So far anyway, no new chests that don't exist on live have been discovered.

Where can I keep up on the latest information?
I'll do my best to update this thread, but here are some other places where the discussion is taking place.
(if you have an additional place that you'd like to be listed here let me know)
Dragon's Hoard Locations thread
Dragon Horde unfound locations thread

DDO Wiki Page for HC Information

DDO Discord
Arcanaverse Discord
Death Smile Discord
Open Guild for All Discord
Strimtom Discord

DDO Reddit
A list of all known Hardcore Season 8 Dragon Hoards! Reddit Post
What We Know About HC 8 Reddit Post

Twitch Streamers Currently Live Playing DDO

Where can let everyone know that I didn't find a gold chest in the quest where I did all the optionals?
The above discussion points above are fine, but I've also created a google sheet to attempt to corral this information. Until a rotten apple spoils the bunch anyone can edit it, so please do take care.

Hardcore 8 Checklist
Yes heroic search and rescue you can


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Shadow crypt 4 small quest checked, all opt , no golden one. Sorry without shadow lord. My friend make a little mistake. He through golden chest will image like a golden one when he tap it. So he have really saw one chest in it. Maybe need some other check it.
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Maybe post info about the buff on mobs? Tiamat’s thing? It says they get elemental resists, especially so if kobolds or dragons


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Wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for all their help and support. Gratz to Deathy_TV for finding #13.

(pic from his stream)

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