Hardcore Season 8 Attendance


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Heh. I didn't hit 20 and my favor goal until I stopped answering pleas for "help trapping" and just solo'd. The new !! & ?? marks might help with that, especially if SSG does NOT add the ability to turn them off.

What I'd really like is the ability to kick people from a dungeon, though. Get within 10ft of me while I'm trapping and instant-kick. THEN I'd go help trap stuff for people in HC (if they passed lead :p).

If HC ever adds a zebra mount, that season would be mandatory because then I'd be "Bjond on Zebra".
I defensively trap. LOL If the ohter players don't mind my minimum distance from me while I'm trapping, I'll move away from the trap until they either work with me or get themselves killed. I don't care if it 'slows the quest down', I want to live. :) So far most players choose to humor the crazy lady and stay back so I can concentrate and not worry about them blowing me up while I'm trying to make them safe. LOL


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I haven't missed a season yet but my crew is scattered this year (work schedule issues and the like) so I'm most likely solo/pugging but I plan on streaming my season again this time around


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After giving it some thought, I've decided not to try HC again this season. The lag and sudden increase in incoming crit damage on my regular server (Orien) have been frustrating issues for me. I just cant see putting myself in a position to have the rug yanked out from under me like that.

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I'll be over there with a few friends. We have a couple guildies who only play during Hardcore League and its always fun to catch up with them. I usually try to come back on to Sarlona at least once a week for a raid night though and to touch base with the non-hard core folks


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two days lads and gents... drop all of your hopes and embrace all of your fears


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Begins May 17th at 2:00 PM Eastern (-4 GMT)!

Ends 9:00 AM Eastern (-4 GMT) on Wednesday, July 19th.

Here are some of the reward tiers:

1750 Favor: Glittery Golden Eyes Toggle
Reaching Level 20: Death Walkers Sash VIII
Gaining 10 Reaper Enhancement Points: Death Walker's Cloak VIII
Gaining 20 Reaper Enhancement Points: Solid Gold Mimic Creature Companion

We're starting this WEDNESDAY at 2p EASTERN!
New info !!! woot !


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I am excited to see the changes to the event. I am surprised it is a short season and there is no 5k reward but I like the idea of the event running more like the events they do in lotro where you earn tokens and trade them for the loot you want. Not everyone has the time required to do what is needed for 5k.