HAVING PROBLEMS WITH LOGIN AFTER BUYING NEW UPDATE -- after downloading new update I went to log in and got the basic start up screen and then it disappears. Help!!!


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It may not be the purchase. Ive had this problem every update for quite a while now. EVERY ONE. I reinstall. I change the shortcuts. I try different clients. I miss weeks I pay VIP for. Eventually I stumble on something. None of the usual stuff in helping this time. This has to be about the sixth time or so. Theres no excuse for this either, there are people who post asking for help and it never arrives here. Good luck. If I find something Ill ping you, please do the same.


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Ive got a guildy with this problem. He is getting Authentication Failed. Dont know as it can be many thing even beyond DDO and update. I can only suggest a reinstall of the game and if that doesnt work...fresh windows install and than game install. Runs on my 2018 Threadripper and the only issue i have with the game is that when completing spinner of shadows the short cut scene before the rewards list immediately tanks my game to desktop but only on that system. My gaming notebook plays it fine. After much testing on my end it appears its a micro code error in the processor but than again its not a common proc and not generally used for gaming. 2970WX Amd TR2 proc and server main board. Hope you find a solution. He is about to take a sledge hammer to his pc :(