Help me find this armour so I can make a cos!


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Hello, all! I recently saw a picture of an armour. I don't know if it was random gen, named, cosmetic, someone's photoshop artwork wishlist item. It was a medium armour from the looks of it (skirt), and had some pastel-ish colors on it. There was a mix of purple & a teal sort of blue, maybe a pink too, and it had what I thought were eyeballs on it?

I don't think it was a fever dream LOL. I'm pretty sure I showed it on my stream. I'll go back through my past few VODs and see if I can grab a screenshot. If you have any thoughts, please let me know!


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That's the one I found on Google. It a Photoshopped one though from an older thread.


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Wow kind of neat that my photoshopped idea is on Google. The image above does not exist although all the parts exist from various DDO armors and items.

EirynaElf, your description sounds like the named armor Elocator's Habiliment:'s_Habiliment
No eyeballs though.
There are also some old reward lists that still have the older random loot Splint Mail types. These older items can look like Elocator's with a few style variations and a few color changes. I once got one that was green, orange and purple. It was an eyesore with enormous disc shaped shoulder and chest pieces.