Help me ungimpify my ranger

So my old main toon from way back in the day is hella gimped.

He's a level 17 PDK, currently 12 Rgr/4 Pal/1 Ftr. TWF with khopeshes. I TR'd him back in like, 2016 (2nd life) and... Never really touched him much past that point.

Today I hopped on him to see what's up and discovered that I clearly wasn't ready for the TR. Almost no farmed loot. His current gear is mainly either iconic stuff or lootgen.

I ran Disciples of Rage on hard to see how he did and it was bad. Like, real bad. Ain't no way am I taking this guy on anything near elite at level, nevermind Reaper. But the thing is I don't wanna give up on him. He's got a greater XP tome, a +8 Supreme tome (which makes his measly 38 STR look even more pitiful), and some other goodies that make the dude worth saving.

His feat selection is fairly standard kinda stuff. Khopesh proficiency, IC:Slash, Power Attack, Stunning Blow, etc.

Any ideas on what direction I need to go to save this dude? Best bang for my buck right now is probably to figure out a way to get him geared up with some Sharn/Ravenloft gear, but any other ideas where I should take him in the future?

Unfortunately no lesser heart available for a full respec.

Help meeeee


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Sounds like a NoYellowBar: ranger 15 / paladin 4 / fighter 1. Tier-5 Tempest, 21 DWS for +1 crit range, rest into KotC. I prefer Precision to Power Attack, unless you plan to add FotW Rage later. If you switch to longsword or battle-axe, you can use Favored weapon bonuses too, including KotC imbue.
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