How do you make these?



Cannith Crafting[edit]​

In Cannith Crafting, level 31 and 32 shards become available.

New unbound combined prefix shards, level 400: All require 800 essences, 15 Purified Eberron Dragonshard Fragments, and 5 mystical ingredients.

NameEffectMystical costSlot
Armor DestroyingArmor Piercing + Destruction5 Mystical BandWeapon
Champion'sSpeed + Combat Mastery5 Mystical GobletTrinket
Initiate'sSpell Penetration + Wizardry5 Mystical BottleGloves
SabotagingSeeker + Deception5 Mystical UrnGoggles
Silver Flame'sTurn Undead Level + Turn Undead Dice5 Mystical Dried FishNecklace
WardedCurse Resistance + Protection from Evil5 Mystical VesselRing
WatchfulDodge + Heightened Awareness5 Mystical PlantBelt


Oh, I see. My crafting level wasn't high enough to have them show up. I changed the max level to 400 and they now appear in a search.
I thought I was gonna hit 400 this crafting xp weekend but didn't quite make it. Only got to 322.


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btw, unrelated, even if you have crafting maxed out at 400, the unbound crafting thing will not show all recipes, it opens up by default with max level set to 400, and it seems ok and logical, but nope, there are some unbound lvl 425 recipes . you will see them only if you manually set the max level higher.