How to get more ranged threat reduction... without losing everything?


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13 rogue/6 DH/1 Fighter. Have Quiver of Alacrity (20% reduction), Essence of Dark Diversion (15% reduction) and Shadow Dancer Cover of Darkness (30% reduction) going for 65% ranged threat reduction. Shiradi, Shadow Dance, Legendary Dreadnaught. Finding LD much more effective DPS than other options like Fatesinger. Also finding my 35% remaining threat is capping my DPS lately. Having to be cautious and very slow to DPS not finding tank aggro super reliable lately. Not using a lot of imbues, only 7 dice, mostly physical damage. Would like to add another 30% reduction but not finding a solution that does not significantly deplete DPS. I guess I should go back to the ultimate boss DPS version of this build and take the 2 warlock levels, snag the threat reduction, apply that warlock debuff every 10 seconds. Got sick of applying that debuff and found the extra edge from more rogue and fighter level on current build helps on the trash that is the enemy so much of the time. Wondering if there is a third option. Surprisingly hard to get ranged threat reduction as a rogue without painful sacrifices.


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DPS is 0 if you are dead.
So besides coffee you could: Find a tank with higher threat, swap to fatesinger and minimize the losses with stuff like harmonic resonance and stay loud, reduce the amount of hunts ends you are using or manage to time them around tank intimidates. Using fatesinger in low reaper and dreadnaught in high reaper is probably the lazy solution.

Also quiver is 15% and essence is 20% had those backwards.


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Threat reduction only applies to your first damage number which is calculated from your base damage and modified by critical multiplier, ranged power, and doubleshot. Threat reduction doesn't apply to Sneak Attack damage, Imbue damage, Dripping with Magma, Alchemical Acid Ring/Dino Acid augment, or Prism/Stay Good/Double Rainbow procs.