I would pay to have a permanent test dojo

Sometimes i create a build with the character builder and in my mind everything works perfectly.. in reality (after reaching epic or legendary in real game)
something is missing or it's wrong.. but how long to see the results... it's annoying.
I would really have the opportunity to test immediately my build BEFORE grinding to reach lvl20 or lvl32.

Please Devs, think about it.. people need a PERMANENT Lammania (or call it whatever you want) Test Dojo for our builds.


This would also help with the wiki editior's for updating items since they wouldn't be restricted on any sort of crafting material etc.



Lamania test server should be left up all year round and just cleansed for updates.

This could actually be a nice VIP perk.

I can see the pitfalls inherent in having a test dojo type thing on main servers, but what about keeping the Lamania test servers up year round, but only providing all-access during what has up until now been their "normal" testing Up-times and keep it at VIP-access only for the rest of the year?

Keep with the server wipes as normal, no transferring characters off Lamma-land, and you suddenly have a very nice VIP perk that doesn't affect normal game-play for anyone....and doesn't incentivize "playing" on the server (due to the wipes and the inability to transfer off) outside of build stress-testing.


It would also allow us to, hypothetically, test anything they plan on rolling out on the next Wednesday each week rather than just testing changes for updates. Sometimes even their patches and hotfixes have broken things and it'd be nice to catch issues before they went live.