Immunity strip not working...


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So... my first life into Dragon Lord and I'm noticing a problem with the build which I chose for the first time through. Went with a Trailblazer (18 DL / 1 Monk / 1 Warlock), Str based but still using the Q-staff with the Trailblazer. I have all the requisite feats (though interestingly, when I hover over Improved Sunder the pre-req Sunder is shown in red signifying that I do not have it) including Tactical Mastery (only level 17 atm so no Supremacy just yet) and Battlefield Tactician IV. I've tried Improved Sunder on a large number of fire-resistant and immune mobs including Iron Golems, Fire Elementals, Abishai, Orthons, etc and I have yet to strip immunity. Once I noticed this, I made an effort and went into Castle Ravenloft to the brazier room and spawned golems. Repeatedly, I get a successful Sunder and they are still being healed by fire. Went into Grim and Barett and tried the same test with the Abishai and the named Orthon. No immunity strip.

Anyone else seeing something similar?


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Improved Sunder is the issue:
Hey Tonquin - In the Dragon Lord tree, Improved Sunder doesn't trigger the elemental stripping portion of Battlefield Tactician IV. Seems like a design oversight. I was able to test this using a Blue Dragon dragon lord against Irgul the Blightmaster. Fought him with Imp Sunder, no electrical damage period. Respecced with Fred, logged out and back in. Repeated fight with regular Sunder and got both electrical damage from the imbue and slotted electric ruby.
This is also fixed internally, and will be in an upcoming patch. ✨
EDIT: My short term fix is to take Toughness as a placeholder until the patch goes live.


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Fun update...

Fire DL SDK using a handaxe. Immunity strip with Improved Sunder is now working... but not on all mobs. Works on Iron Golems and Fire Elementals but not working at all on Abishai or Slaadi.


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Works on Iron Golems and Fire Elementals but not working at all on Abishai or Slaadi.
To me it looks like it only strips immunity, not resistance. So if, for example, the enemy has 300 Fire resistance and you deal 200 fire damage, it's still reduced to 0. That lines up with the devils/demons I've seen it on.