Initial thoughts on Eladrin after preview


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Eladrin are an interesting choice for a new race. There clearly will be push back with another Elven race in DDO and I clearly understand that. It wouldn't have been my choice, even of an Elf, High Elf (Noble or Aerenal Elf) would have made more sense to me.

In the Forgotten Realms lore, Eladrin are High Elves that migrated to the Feywild. After the centuries of the exposure to the wild magic of the Feywild the Elves started manifesting that magic in themselves.

In Ebberon Lore, which has been retconned at least twice, so depending on your source. Eladrin are the elder Elven race. During the Age of Giants, circa 80,000 to 60,000 years ago the Giants of Xen'drik traveled to the plane of Thelanis and captured Eladrin from all seven tribes and brought them back to Eberron as slaves. The slaves from the Seven Tribes were intermingled and their offspring become Elves and Drows. After the Cataclysm that ended the Quori invasion in -39,000 YK the elves (and maybe Drow) rebelled and fled Xen'drik to Aerenal. In 5e Eladrin are either from one of the Seven Tribes of Thelanis, or descendants of the slaves of the Giants. Depending on your source (WotC or Keith Baker or ...) there are slight differences.

I find it frustrating that while SSG is introducing 5e Eladrin race we still have 3.5e Khorviarian Elf, and Drow. It would have been nice to have the base stats of the Elf and Drow updated to 5e at the same time. It would have nipped the potential argument of Pay-to-win that inevitably will come.

Elven Keen Senses, Enchantment Save Bonus and Immunity to Sleep should be reworded as Eladrin are not Elves in Eberron Lore. In 5E this is referred to as Fey Ancestry and simply Keen Senses. Minor gripe.

In Eberron lore Eladrin are not followers Undying Court. Many have a form of Ancestry Worship in conjunction to worship of the Sovereign Host, Blood of Vol and to a small extent the Silver Flame. I would like to see the Undying Court removed from a choice of Deity, and add a self resurrection ability to the racial tree, tier four. Maybe even comeback as undead version.

In my first play through with both Eladrin and Chaosmancer I am not sure there is enough difference in the Race and what would be a 5e High (Aerenal) Elf. The Season Stances feel more like a bolt on rather than the core aspect of the Eladrin. I would like to see the stances buffed.

I have some thoughts on how I would play an Eladrin, maybe 12 rogue, 6 paladin, 2 wizard/sorc/monk. That I didn't tryout. It is to bad TWF is in a poor place at the moment as some interesting builds would have some potential. I can see a number of fighter or barbarian and wizard or sorcerer build potentials with THF.
Unlike the Wild Mage I see some potential multi-class splits with Chaosmancer (Iconic Hero) that may work at the end game. I think the buffer of the racial enhancement tree makes some sense. I would like to see another player version of a Chaosmancer Warlock multi-class build. It seems like it should work but maybe the late hour I was looking at this last night fogged my brain as I considered how to make that split work.

Eladrin Racial Enahancements - Core 2 and Core 4
If the Tech allows it I would rather see the Core 2/4 modify your Seasonal Stance (+1 ability) to your current Stance.
At a minimum I would like to see Strength added as a choice (Summer) to go along with the current three Autumn-Wisdom, Spring-Charisma, Winter-Intelligence.
If the idea is that players will switch seasonal stances as needs arise, they probably won't. It is to hard to invest in two play styles for a single character in terms of Enhancement points.

I am not exactly thrilled with the four lines of the Seasonal Stances in the Tree. I understand it, but it seems like they should be melded into single line and add other choices in the tree. Right now I am not sure you have enough to spend points on that people will use.

I really like the new models, hair, faces, colors, all get a big thumbs up. The art department has done another fabulous job on them. Hopefully other races get updated in this fashion.


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Great lore thank you!

I agree, new character models are great - I would like more options, I couldn't get my eladrin as pretty as my drow, complete flavor thing, but the elves have a better selection of faces and shapes, though the eladrin have improved ears and the hair options were very cool - I am all for injecting this game with way more hair styles and cosmetics etc. I know I'm not alone.


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Will older eladrin, i.e. ones in Running With the Devils, be graphically updated? Will the bralani and ghaele have their names edited to better fit with the changes with more modern lore?