Invisibility Potion

I remember buying potion of Invisibility, I am sure at the Marketplace. Vendor does not have know and according the the Wiki is not purchasable. Am I misrembering?


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You are misremembering. Invis pots haven't been for sale for a VERY long time. I don't think they were ever for sale, frankly.


From module 8 until module 9, invisibility potions were sold at the potion vendor in reaver's refuge.


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Been a long time since I've seen them at any vendor. Not that they're very useful anyway, touching something breaks invis, opening a door breaks it, interacting with a lever breaks it. . .same with stealth. . .
Invis and stealth have been kind of borked since the get go though, no idea why they've never been fixed to work correctly and only break on hostile actions.