IoD vs Saltmarsh


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I find it hard to fit SM lvl 20 gear (not many choices per slot, so many useless affixes) with a Sharn heroic set. Sharn set bonus is better IMHO. So I use Sharn & borderlands stat upgrades. But if your spec doesn't have a good Sharn set, or you haven't farmed it yet, SM epic gear is also good.

IoD has better quests IMHO, more interesting enemies (dinosaurs!), more xp and much better heroic and endgame gear.

SM has a great wilderness, best place for sentient xp farming. And of course having another saga for epic TR and reaper xp helps. Heroic SM is not great for xp, loot (only if you want to upgrade it to epic), but it's fun to have more quests available.


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It is sad to say but you also have to weigh your decision on if you use a Bluetooth headset as there is still the lingering game crash bug when the raptors scream.


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my main uses of Saltmarsh outside of the legendary dagger are:
1) Ship mage’s attire—ghostly at level 4. Nuts. Awesome for lowbie stealth quests too, +5 stacking HS/MS. The Final Enemy.
2) The deathward clickie out if same quest, great for all of heroics and even epics. 3x/day, OP.
3) The cloak with the camouflage clickie also fun for stealth toons, good for epics too.

So two of these are if you like stealth play. I do not own IoD.


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IoD gear is better for end game (L30+)
Epic SM gear is better (because IoD does not have an epic version) for level 20-29

So it depends on what you do most, I would say. If you TR a lot, I would get SM for the epic gear options. If you spend a lot of time at cap raiding or getting reaper xp, I would get IoD.
This 100%

But you really want both of them.