Is Shield Deflection working?


The description of Shield deflection reads...

When actively blocking with any type of shield you are proficient with, you have a (competence bonus) chance to completely ignore Acid, Cold, Electric, and Fire damage. The chance is based on the type of shield being used:
Buckler: 20% | Small Shield: 25% | Large Shield: 30% | Tower Shield: 40%

But when I hit block, I see no numbers change in Elemental Defense area of the +. I even tested this with no gear on except a plane shield and all epic past lives shut off.


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IIRC Shield Deflection's bonus isn't listed anywhere because it's not resistance nor absorption, it's more like "Dodge vs elemental attacks," i.e., a percent chance of completely negating damage. AFAIK you can only see it working in the combat log where it will say "damage ignored!" when the effect procs.

This is on a toon with Shield Deflection and no MRR nor cold resistance:
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