Jungle of Khyber missing chest(s)


The Best
I ran heroic "The Jungle of Khyber" on Repaer 2 (on Thelanis) yesterday and there were NO CHESTS {except for (2) red named beholders).
No end chest. I am not sure about the Iron Golem chest since I missed the jump :p
Again, No (treasure) chests. (The Key chest was there to open the beholder area)

Curiously the traps were missing as well where the 2nd & 3rd chests usually are.
I know these chests are optional but I thought traps were always there... maybe not?

According to the wiki "Chests: 5 minimum, potentially up to 11. Plus 1 for epic."

So what gives?


Barring some bug, it sounds like you missed some rooms. In order, first guy up to right (Drinto) curiously doesn't have a chest, but if he's *not* up there's usually a chest. Wumat (after force blast trap, to left) is always there with a chest (the one that spawns scorpions). Chachtar (to right at T-intersection with all the drow priests) is always there with a chest. Huarn (Iron Golem cave after beholders) is always there with a chest and fat xp. Right after that in the big room, there's a little cave off it with a chest, then the chest after the 3 red-names. That's the minimum 5, and there's no end chest in heroic, but there is in epic.