Kali's Alchemist Vile Chemist HYBRID Melee/CC+ Insta-kill Caster build


Build Designer. Having fun since 2006!
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Build Designer. Having fun since 2006!
U66 changes (updated in the forums and DDOBuilder file)
Some minor changes to two Epic Destinies are required for this build.

> The key active changes I made were:
  • Primal Avatar:
    • as of U66, the Primal Avatar T2 spell 'Shard Storm' no longer has the T1 Epic Strike as a pre-requisite
    • as this build only uses the Draconic Incarnation epic strike, I swapped the PA T1 epic strike for T1 Rejuvenation Cocoon

  • Draconic Incarnation
    • Dragon Breath moving down to tier 1 and being cheaper made it possible to waste less points in T1 to get to the good stuff in the tiers above, so I've done some re-shuffling and additions


... with the changes indicated above:

> The key passive changes imo were overall positive, despite the adjustments to Dragon Breath:
  • Draconic Incarnation
    • Dragon Breath is now a 1-rank, 2AP Ability.
    • Dragon Breath and Attune the Arcane have swapped places in the tree.
    • Dragon Breath damage adjusted to 1d6+5 damage per caster level.
    • Dragon Breath cooldown adjusted to 12 seconds.
    • Dragon Breath now has its intended max caster level of 20 to match the other Epic Strikes. All Epic Strikes should now have a Maximum Caster Level of 20.
    • Draconic Breath's Energy Vortex now does damage even if the player had themselves or an ally targeted when the skill was triggered.
      • very hopeful this specific change will make the Vortex work more reliably: I'm a huge fan of vortex on melee/hybrid builds

  • Shadowdancer
    • Core abilities now grant +15 HP and +25 SP.

With the changes indicated above, the build remains good to go as is :) Enjoy!