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Build Designer. Having fun since 2006!
Welcome to my Build Repository!
I've been playing DDO since 2006 and I have 23 active characters of all classes and races. I design all my builds fully from scratch, and my goal is to have fun! Below you will find links to individual threads containing the details/ screenshots of my favourite tried-and-tested builds. Hope you find them useful, and please feel free to post any questions and constructive comments/ suggestions in their respective threads.

If you would like to contribute towards this effort, any donations will be greatly appreciated. If not, please don't worry: sharing is caring! Just sit back and relax, and enjoy the builds!

Some important notes about the builds (please read first):

The threads in the links below aim to provide the very 'core' of each respective build. In other words:
  • show how each build started: its key aims
  • indicate the key decisions that can be made to achieve those aims: stats, skills, features, heroic enhancements, epic destinies
  • all numbers are based on what a first-lifer (or someone with minimal past lives) would have, unbuffed, outside of reaper mode (they do, however, include equipped gear and partially completed filigrees). They are real characters, and those are the numbers I can offer.
  • numbers are indicative of the potential minimum amounts that can be achieved with the investments that were proposed
  • provide a 'photo' of what your character could look like at endgame during quite a few lives of their 'TR hamster wheel' journey
  • show the 'foundations' to be built upon, if a player decides to embark on the 'TR hamster wheel' and go out there to hunt for rare bonuses
  • gear choices are NOT part of the core build, but rather one of the most important ways to invest in the key elements of the core build to make the aims work. It has been added here simply to suggest options/ inspire. No promises are being made towards keeping this updated upon the release of new content.
DISCLAIMER: nobody in real life has been injured on the making of this thread, and nobody will suffer injuries in real life if they try it. DDO is an awesome game, and trying-and-testing + making changes to suit your specific play style are a very healthy aspect of the game. It's how you learn and get better! Try not to stress too much about what some people have to say about how you play your game. Not everyone gets that this is a game, that people are not the same, and don't want the same things! The Mountain has many paths. Have fun!

Thanks for the great feedback received so far!

Thanks to everyone who sent questions and suggestions so far, and especially for the compliments about my builds!



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N.B. Comments have been anonymised: do let me know if you wish to be named, or if you wish for your comment to be removed :)
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Build Designer. Having fun since 2006!


Build Designer. Having fun since 2006!


Build Designer. Having fun since 2006!
What's next on your list, Kali?
Working on 2 builds to post next:

1. Alchemist 18/ Monk 1/ Dark Hunter 1
Vistani melee/hybrid
My thrower alchemist will turn into this, basically. Nothing wrong with the thrower, but I feel the melee version will have much stronger synergy, since the key CC spells (Flash Freeze and Mass Flesh to Gold) are melee range, not to mention it's key mass insta-kill spell: Mass Frog. (No sneak peak yet, finalising planning atm)

2. Stormsinger 18/ FvS 1 / Fighter 1
Warchanter melee/hybrid using Falchions
Planning pretty much done, just need to TR my vanilla Warchanter alt into this, when time allows. I have a sneak peak I can share, but the AP costs in Maetrims builder have not been fixed yet to match the recent changes.


Likely I will do #1 first, but we'll see :D
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I’m thinking you might have an opportunity in graphic design for a gaming company. The photos are amazing and love the cosmetics. I would work on that and give up your day job of building subpar builds.


Build Designer. Having fun since 2006!
First 10k views in one of my build threads! :love:
Really pleased it's been helpful, thanks again for all the compliments and constructive suggestions.

Enjoy! 🥳


Build Designer. Having fun since 2006!
I have finally completed editing the main posts of all my builds to include buttons to click and expand info, so breakdowns could be added.
Several stat breakdowns were added to all builds.

More builds to come, but at the moment I am working mostly on:
> revisiting the builds already posted in light of new content and gear

Enjoy! :)