League of Extraordinary Ham is always looking for new members!


Guild Name: League of Extraordinary Ham
Guild Type: Casual, Whatever
Guild website: Facebook: DDO: League of Extraordinary Ham
Guild Contacts: Guild Leader: Metalhealth
Recruiting status: We are currently accepting applications for new players in our group.
About you: We are a laid back, easy going Level 115 Guild. A majority of our group is Eastern or Central Time zone, but we also have West coast players as well. Hamsters are a Transplant Guild from Orien where we enjoyed running a majority of the content on a regular basis. We are still trying to form up a consistent raid group here on Sarlona and would welcome any players interested in signing up. Experience is a plus, but not required-we will gladly work with you if you’re the right fit for our group. Please feel free to follow up with any of our officers for information.


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Hey Metal. What times are you trying to raid these days? We'd be happy to get on a user channel with you guys and help fill in spots schedule dependant. :) Dre's back too, so there'd be three of us if we can sort out times. Wednesdays I'm already booked for a freinds raids, but other than that I can try to work it out. :)


I just want to get back into the raid life. We tried to get a raid going the other evening and could not fill all our slots. Seems that pug life on the server is a little thin. We have a number of players but they are all on different timeframes. Shat and I have been grinding completionist for him as of late-but would love to get something going.