Level 15 Gear


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Planning ahead for some Deep Gnome Wizard lives. Want to build around the Pale Master enhancement tree, focusing on necromancy and illusion DC. Would be good to have some nice negative spell power, negative heal amp plus necro/illusion bonuses. And ofcourse INT. Ideally level 15 gear.

Thinking along the lines of:

15HelmetArcsteel BrimSpell Focus Mastery +3, Will +6, INS MRR +9, MRR +19, Yellow: Arcsteel Battlemage
15GogglesDusk LensesPotency +60, Efficient Empower, Maximise II, Yellow: , Esoteric Initiate
15ArmourOrder's GarbFortification +94%, PRR +19, Exceptional Universal Spell Power +8, Exception Universal Spell Lore +3%, Blue:, Esoteric Initiate
15BracerAetherbandSpell Pen +5, INS Spell Pen +3, Magical Efficiency +5%, Shield +8, Green: ,Esoteric Initiate
15Ring 1The Shattered OnyxNearly Finished: INS INT +3, Profane Spell Focus I, INS Resistance +2, INS Dodge +3%, Blue:
15Ring 2
15GlovesFestering Mummy WrappingsProfane Negative Amplification +33, Boon of Undeath, Light Resistance +32, Quality INT +1, Green:
15BeltBronze Dragonscale BeltCON +8, Comp Healing Amp +30, INS False Life +14, Lifesealed +24, Blue:
15CloakBlack Velvet CapeletINS Negative Amplification +15, Profane Well Rounded +1, INT +8, Boon of Undeath, Blue:
5TrinketVibrant Purple Ioun StoneArchmagi (+200 SP), Spell Penetration +3

Any ideas to fill the blanks? - I have the ones filled in already so would be good to keep.


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Bronze Dragonscale Belt no. It cuts down your negative healing amplification. As PM, stay away from lifesealed items.

Festering Mummy Wrappings is a belt, not gloves. Use it in the belt slot.

Spinneret for 2nd ring, for example. There are several interesting rings in recent packs, but I generally keep spinneret, partly out of laziness, partly because +1 quality DC, quality pot and spell lore are not bad, despite the low level of this item. Celestial Sapphire Ring  let craft Con +8.

I usually use on gloves a greensteel spell point item (300 spell points) and necklace a greenteel hp point necklace, but the Pendant of the azure sea/sky is a good alternative for neck item. Or use it as your Con item.

As weapons, select spellpower/crit items. There are several combinations of scepter + orb that are good. The firestorm conduit staff from sharn is not bad either.

Boots with freedom of movement are not bad choice.

I use cannith crafting items: helm with int/iInt/spell mastery. Ring with Con, iCon, False life. Boots with sheltering, spellcraft, iSpellcraft. Advantage of this: I can replace these items several times as I level up. I use the set, the cape, and the belt (festering wrappings) as you do at level 15. At 21, I change the wrappings for the borderlands belt (belt of wicked insanity). At epics, I use necklace and trinket with elder's set too. From level 15 to epic, I use a trinket crafted with resistance, parrying, insightful spell pen. At epics I change the sheltering boots too, because i have spellcraft, PRR and MRR in other items. My spell point greensteel gloves remain in place until I exchange them for legendary greensteel.
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