Looking for friends or guildmates


Have been playing for a couple of months now. I am retired so I do play a lot. Mostly in the evenings CST USA. Myself and a couple of my friends started a guild called Mythic. It is only level 19 but we are working on it.

I am looking for friends to play with as most of the time I am running solo, and hey if you wanted to join my guild it would be a bonus as well. Just throw an alt in there and play when you can.

Regardless, I am tired of running solo, but will do it if I have to. My main is a Dragon Lord, currently level 28, working towards 1st reincarnation. Have a Kracken guild airship (yes I bought it will shards) and every buff a level 19 guild can have.

Not good at this social post stuff, so if you are interested, please hit me up in the game under Dijarin (my main) or Thorvalld (My alt).

I am a VIP and have purchased every expansion and adventurers pack so my content is not limited.



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I recall a mass exodus from G-Land. Has the population returned?
That could be a source of your loneliness.


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I recall a mass exodus from G-Land. Has the population returned?
That could be a source of your loneliness.
I'm guessing you don't play on Ghallanda?

The population has grown since then, both in new players and returning vets. The raiding scene has mostly recovered as well, and I dare say might even be healthier than it was before. There are quite a few guilds and groups doing regularly weekly raids to the point where almost every day of the week there is a group raiding (sometimes several at once). Judging by the LFM panel alone is tough because once a group fills, the LFM goes down. The raids I run fill very fast (sometimes so fast that there never is an LFM, as between discord and /tells in game I get 12-16 people interested and waiting for spots as I run on a regular/known schedule). And (most importantly) the attitudes of the players are much kinder and more welcoming now (at least that I've seen, I am not omnipresent on the server after all). Sure, the "renowned" high reaper push groups left, but we've been rebuilding that scene as well, and a group of us have started doing that again (already done a few raids on r10, most on r4-r6, and the really tough ones on r1, but we're building back up to it at our own pace).

Part of me wants to say more about the mass-leaving (I have thoughts and strong opinions about it... and while it hasn't happened much recently, back when the exodus happened there were those who left who would come into G-Land discussions and bad mouth the server and those who stayed, so I get a bit defensive... I hope that was not your intent), but I don't want to start drama or derail this thread (more than we already have).

@Mythic, Good luck! I hope you meet lots of great people and have a great time! Moving from mostly solo play to group play can be challenging, and building social networks takes time, but there are people on G-Land always looking for more people to play and enjoy this game with. :D

(when I'm not raiding or doing some r10s with friends, I solo or multibox. I'm very introverted, so for me, solo is my comfort zone. If I'm doing something and not multiboxing, I'll look you up, but no guarantees from me, as - like I said - regular questing solo is where I mentally find the most joy and peace of mind. yay introversion!)
Hi Mythic, I am typically on evening times EST most nights and almost always on Friday. I have limited playtime during the week. I just recently Tr'd and working my way back up through epic levels. Main that I am running is Killtief (lvl21/Bard/Swashbuckler) and she is on the Tr train.

My guildmate and I would be happy to have you along/join you for some adventures. I should be on this evening, not sure about my guildie, he is in your timezone as well. I'll add your toons to my friends list and look for you in game.


I am PST but we get after is most evenings. our big focussed runs are monday and sat. I am starting a "level to 20, farm gear, and build discussion club" on discord. but look for us online sonhouse and howlinwolf thanks! we would be happy to play with ya.