Looking to switch guilds

Hello all on Cannith,

I have been a member of Divach Ruin for many years, but now that I am playing more frequently I am looking for a more active guild. I have played DDO since just after launch and spent many years on the Mournlands server. My main is a lvl 32 Warlock on 3rd life and my secondary is a bladgeforged Paladin. I am mainly a casual player based in the US Eastern timezone. My best builds so far have been a Dragonborn Favored Soul, just TR'd him to a warlock and love the class but thinking of switching back. The name of my main is Cernamnota. Named because as a cleric and FVS he was not a healbot, also a shout out to a friend from Mournlands who is no longer with us. Mainly looking to be casual, but may be up for some raiding, mostly during the day. Currently running Isle of Dread looking to upgrade my gear which is currently Feywild Autumn and summer with a few extra bits. Please hit me with a tell or drop me a message prior to sending an invite. (I will not play with any guild who uses exploits).



Yeah, think both Hand of Death and The Silver legion run raids regularly and welcome newer folks to raids :)

You're also welcome to join our BoB raids - usually host on Saturdays. But we're more European timezoned!


long live ROGUE
Wherever you end up, join us for raids on Tuesdays and Fridays 9PM Eastern (Silver Legion). All are welcome; we fill up pretty fast some days. Swiv and Bjond are happy explaining raid mechanics and use Discord too.