Lost VIP Access (335918)


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So about two days ago i lost all my VIP access , and now i cant even reactivate it or add a new payment method to the in game or online shop, all i get is an error, to contact support.

Case id 335918

So far i have
preformed a clean full reinstall of the DDO client , tried to add a new payment method via the in game store and the online web store, and it wont let me even add a new one.

This is not an account access issue, it is an issue not being able to apply any payment method to reinstate my vip
I have access to my account, but the store won't let me add a payment system at all

Any help is appreciated

Thank you for you time


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This issue is still ongoing buy the way no one seams to be able to fix or diagnose, its not my payment provider/card as they work on other payment and game systems.

I have tried to add other payment methods same error happens and i can not add payments or progress further.

Its something in between adding and paying that is corrupt or not working as intended. Like i said my account works the payment system does not let me add for whatever reason was working for 14 yrs now it stopped.

I know this may be a one person issue but i would still like this fixed or some deeper incite into what this"error" means