lvl 113 Guild GROWING !!! Wayfinder Curiosity Shop Recruiting ~ Casual/Community Style

Casual/Community Style Guild Recruiting

We seek new & returning players or current players to join us in guild or on your discord.

Currently we have a healthy group of people grouping up between 6 est pm time to 4 est am time daily. However you will see on throughout the day doing quest. You can find us the guild’s Discord Chatting it up… sometimes the guild’s discord will have other that are soloing an doing their own thing but enjoy having a little conversation as they play… We welcome all to our discord to join us and to continue to grow our community. I would say we are mainly focus on characters that are 15 + and mainly adventuring in epics and legendary… but from time to time you will find us in the lower levels.

You don't need to be a member of our guild in order to group with us… raid with us… The guild’s discord is purely there to help you form some connections of online friend.

Send a game email to Mortanis or contact any officer in the guild that is on during the time.

Thanks !!!

See you in game !!!


!!! WCS Currently lvl 113 !!!
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Bit biased, but this is a great and active community. Joined the guild somewhere around 6 months back(with another character).

I'll echo our guild leader - please do give a nudge on discord or in game for an invite when I'm online.

On Wayfinder I usually play under "Aronan" in the evenings EST.


A little time has passed and Wayfinder's Curiosity Shop is now nearly at level 80.

Optional, but if you've got discord, you'll also find us in the D&D online community discord in the wayfinder channel.



As of 1/12/2024 We've hit level 90. Always recruiting, please feel free to give us a ping if you see us online.


We're about halfway through level 94 currently with a target of hitting level 100 before the end of the year (I think we'll probably hit it about mid-year).

Lot of folks on in EST and MST times, but we're always recruiting.


Thanks to some great folks, the +25% renoun this weekend and a rediculously long night of questing yesterday, we've gone up a couple levels this weekend...

After an insane number of client restarts every few quests due to the current frame rate drops over time... we are
Now at guild level 97. (Huzzah!)

see the guild message of the day for our discord if you join us - we do a decent amount of comms over things we plan to run.
It's optional, but you will find it handy even if you only have text available.


Level 100 arrived earlier this afternoon!!! :)

As above, Please reach out anytime for a vite. You'll find me in game as Aronan, Walkeng and Ephyr



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I have a Fighter I'm leveling as my "when things get too OP for words" character.

I'd be more than happy to join WCS and level in that context. Soloing r1's on a 1st life at this point.