lvl 80 Guild GROWING !!! Wayfinder Curiosity Shop Recruiting ~ Casual/Community Style

Casual/Community Style Guild Recruiting

We seek new & returning players or current players to join us in guild or on your discord.

Only want to be apart of our discord to find some grouping buddies ?? not a problem.

Send a game email to Mortanis or contact any officer in the guild that is on during the time.

Thanks !!!

See you in game !!!


!!! WCS Currently lvl 80 !!!
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Bit biased, but this is a great and active community. Joined the guild somewhere around 6 months back(with another character).

I'll echo our guild leader - please do give a nudge on discord or in game for an invite when I'm online.

On Wayfinder I usually play under "Aronan" in the evenings EST.


A little time has passed and Wayfinder's Curiosity Shop is now nearly at level 80.

Optional, but if you've got discord, you'll also find us in the D&D online community discord in the wayfinder channel.