Mahalo Live Stream 9/1/2023 - Maui Food Bank


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Glass_Jaws, KozyBean, and myself will be hosting a big Mahalo! livestream to thank the community for all they've done to help the Maui Food Bank. During our initial livestream we raised over $1000 to help the people affected by the fires on Maui. As a thank you, we'll be playing some more DDO and still have a few DDO point codes to give away (including a 500 pt code) as well as some game codes to GOG. I'll be live at 6pm Hawaii time (12am Eastern) tonight 9/1/2023. Kozy will be starting at 8pm Mountain time.

We hope to see everyone there. Come hang out, talk story, and share some aloha spirit! For those who may still be interested in donating, our virtual food drive is still active at


Aloha everyone! NomadDog here. Glass_Jaws and myself will be hosting a charity livestream for the Maui Food Bank to raise funds to help those affected by the fires on Maui. We will primarily be playing on Sarlona, so feel free to join us for some fun times.

Livestream will start at 9am Hawaii time (3pm Eastern) on Friday 8/18/23 and will go for as long as we can. You can catch our streams on our twitch channels: Glass_Jaws or NomadDog. If you are unable to make the livestream, here is the link to the Virtual Food Drive we have set up with Maui Food Bank: All donations go directly to the Maui Food Bank.

We look forward to seeing all of you on the streams. Mahalo for your kokua! Below is a short video announcing the livestream.

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I've also been joining up with Glass_Jaws and Nomaddog and doing charity streams for Maui using that same link above. I'll be doing a Maui Charity Stream once a week till the end of August. Updates about dates and times in my Discord Server

(I am also doing a hot tub stream (no kiddie pool this time) if we hit our third donation goal!! I'll also be coming up w/ incentives for the 1st and 2nd goals!)
1st goal: $1k - Glass Jaws will run a DND one shot for u (raffle of viewers)
2nd goal: $2k - $100 raffled to viewers
3rd goal: $3k - $200 Amazon gift card raffled to viewers and my jacuzzi stream! (The goal amounts are subject to change to smaller amounts) Maui family survived the Hawaii wildfires by being in the ocean for 5Hrs.


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Thanks everyone for the support and the donations. Also thanks to Cordovan and SSG for the point codes and shout outs. We have so far raised $1,102.71 for the Maui food bank, BUT we are not done yet. We will still be continuing to push this more this month to try to get it up higher. We still have some prizes to award across NomadDog, KozyBean, and my streams if we hit higher goals!


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Mahalo everyone for all the great support today! Absolutely fantastic turnout. As Glass_Jaws said, we're going to still be raising funds for the Maui Food Bank for the remainder of the month. The aloha I experienced today just reminds me of how great the DDO community is. Once again, a big shoutout to Cordovan and SSG for the support.

For me personally, this meant a lot. I personally know a few of the families on Maui that lost everything in the fires. And working in the field I do, I understand how difficult it is for people in Hawaii to make ends meet, let alone deal with a tragedy like this. Mahalo again, from the bottom of my heart. Hope to see you all again on the stream!


DDO Hawaiian Style!
Edited the initial post. We're going live tonight as a Mahalo to everyone who joined us for the initial livestream! Hope to see folks there!