Make color of Player characters in mini map different than Hirelings.


I mean the little map with the little blue dots showing where party members are on the map. Everybody is the same color and I can not see if the lagging person is a hire or some player in trouble (like lost which is normally me).

Can you please make the PC dots a different shade or color or shape (like pet paws) than the hires? And maybe make each person a different shade too, like the star is always color Green or the shape of a Star and maybe the others each have their own color or shape or even number.

Anyway, thank you for considering it!
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I like this. I can never tell which dot to go to when I'm the one that's lost and the hirelings are running to someone that maybe jumped or something.

The Narc

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Would be a great Quality of Life change.

Tracking other players in a group is a time sink so it does slow progression, i doubt we will see an improvement here because of this.

We get fixes on time sinks like banking but those happen outside of quest, not in quest where game whales have potions running.