Melee Dark Apostate


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Hi, this is a bare bones description, and when I start this build i'll update this thread. It is not F2P.

Inspired by other contributors (Kali and the Beckon cleric creators). Big wink to the Beckon guys (Griglok and Tronko).

I aim to build for fun and levelling performance mainly with Hardcore in mind. So the idea behind this build is survivability, damage and defence. WIS to hit and damage, CHA-based Trance, Two Weapon Fighting and The Blood Feast filigree set.

Shifter Chaotic-Neutral pure Dark Apostate (no past lives required*)
+8 Supreme Tome recommended
STR8 DEX16 CON14 INT10 WIS16 CHA14 (32 point build, add 2 to INT and STR for 36 points)

*Note1: if past lives (and racial AP), an 18/1/1 barb/FvS would be a very good option

80AP: War Priest 41, Falconry 12, Dark Apostate 8, Shifter 19 (Howl of Terror SLA)
Sun Domain, Longsword
Epic Feats: Improved Critical (Slashing), Overwhelming Critical, Intensify and Epic Fortitude
Destiny Feats: Perfect TWF, Doublestrike, Harbinger of Chaos and Deific Warding
Legendary Feat: Celestial for Health, Fire for MRR/PRR or Arborea for MP (i think all are viable)

Destiny Trees (I have 63 points on a first lifer so bare with me!)
- FotW 38 (all tier 5 except Wilderness one), all cores, Quick Cutter, +20% off-hand, +3 rages and +3% chance to recharge rage from melee
- Undying Sentinel 1 (+35 health +5 MP)
- Exalted Angel 24 (4th core Blessing, Wraith Mantle and all upgrades, No Fail Will Save on a 1, Shadows Upon You, Cure SLA, Evo DCs)

Sun Domain should allow flexibility for some ranged dps with EA Sun Pillar; they also proc the Wraith Mantle extra damage, so on my current test build (melee warlock) i can throw Sun Pillar onto a nearby mob, use Leap to get up close and the Wraith DoT is now proc'ed and lasts the full 15 seconds
The Blood Feast filigree set provides +100 health per epic/legendary level; you are a healer. You have (say) 10+ rages that (i) regenerate over time and (ii) regenerate 3% of time you hit something. Receive a huge hit from a boss? Hit the Rage key!
Essentially you have 3 ccs; Howl of Terror (Enchantment), Sunburst(Evo) and Implosion (Evo). The first two are cheap as chips, use them frequently!

I'm aiming for 3 pc Vecna Lost Purpose set (Legendary Devil's Infernal Dance) +3 Artifact to abilities, +15% Artifact DS, +30% Artifact Fort Bypass, +15% Artifact MP
5 pc Vecna set (as you can/want - the Kept Descent boots are very nice for undead)
3 pc Summer set (Princes Gloves and both rings) +30 Artifact MRR
2 pc Winter set (same gloves and Necklace) +30 Artifact PRR
Off-hand Bone Longsword
Main Hand the best longsword at your disposal
Blood Feast filigree set

As a first lifer, even without tomes, this build will provide +12 WIS, +4 DEX and +4 CON from just heroic trees while raging. Undead form comes with a bunch of free immunities and +100% fortification. The War Priest tree provides +22 AC, +30 fire/light spellpower, +10 MRR/PRR, +10 Doublestrike but most importantly a BAB equivalent to a fighter's! Oh yeah, and approx +30% health, blur and haste. To Hit? WIS-based, CHA trance, Bless, Prayer and Magic Fang.

Currently farming Vecna for items. Will start when farming complete. All feedback welcome!
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This looks very intriguing. I am missing shifter race (easy to pickup) and the summer rings. I am thinking I have two options for the rings: either use the VOD rings (omniscience and tumbleweed for the MRR from mind over matter) or throw the nocturne and winter ring on for 30% heal amp and 10% hp bonus. Regardless and irregardless, This sounds more interesting to me than just running a straight cleric life when I am planning on TRing once I am at cap anyway. .... blood feast filigree from 20-32... intriguing