Multiple Pet Bugs - report # 342327


Bug Report Number:
Bug Report Number: 342327

There are many ongoing bugs related to pets that I kindly request you either fix, come up with a creative proxy work-around, or at least publicly acknowledge are bugs and will not be fixed due to technical issues with the back end engine. That way people wont invest time and interest in pets to only figure out days and countless hours later that they are substantially bugged.

The bugs include:
1. augments do not work when slotted into weapons or armor
2. on hit effects do not work with collars
3. collars do not drop for the dark hunter despite the dark wolf being akin to an artificers iron companion

Lots of other people also care about these bugs as evidenced across the forum:

The issue has been going on long enough that there is a wiki page warning people about the bugs which may impact new people's interest in joining the game if they prefer a summoner build

Additional commentary, not directly related to bugs but highlighting player interest in improved pets can also be found here.